¿Te estás quedando sordo/a? Responde a estas preguntas para averiguarlo.

26 abril me-estoy-quedando-sordo26 abril me-estoy-quedando-sordo

Are you going deaf? Answer these questions to find out.

 ” What does deafness of the ear matter when the mind listens?” The only true deafness, the incurable deafness is that of the mind. ” Víctor Hugo

April 25 is the international day of noise awareness. There are several causes that can cause hearing loss, such as excessive noise and exposure to loud sounds , in addition to the most common: age . In each person, this loss occurs in different ways and at different rates, reaching, in some cases, going unnoticed by the person who suffers it when it occurs progressively. We discuss some of the signs that you have to be alert to detect if you are losing hearing .

  • Do you say a lot?

If you often ask a lot to be repeated, you may not be perceiving the sound signals necessary to process the verbal messages correctly.

  • Do you misinterpret what they say?

If you sometimes hear something different from the message you wanted to convey, you may experience embarrassing situations. Hearing aids can help you avoid these types of situations and understand conversations appropriately. 

  • Do you get angry with others for not being able to understand them?

It is normal to feel some irritation at the frustration of not understanding what they are saying. Hearing loss has been associated with some psychological problems such as depression , anxiety and other emotional disorders. 

  • Do you think that others do not speak clearly?

If you listen to others as if they were muttering, it is possible that you are suffering from a hearing loss. This occurs because you are not receiving a full range of sounds, which makes the noise seem like a murmur.

  • Do you have problems talking on the phone with other people?

It is reason to alert yourself if the volume setting of the phone is at maximum and then you have trouble understanding your interlocutor. 

  • Does your family complain that you set the television too high?

Health professionals are treating patients who have suffered the loss due to prolonged exposure to high decibels. In addition, headphones can also cause hearing damage. 

  • Do you have to make an effort to understand the conversations?

This can be exhausting, since it takes extra effort to try to keep the attention all day to get to know what others are saying. This fatigue can lead to other problems such as migraines or chronic fatigue. 

  • Do you have problems listening when there is a lot of noise in the environment?

People with hearing loss often have difficulty eliminating background noise, making it very difficult for them to hear conversations in noisy environments. For this reason, hearing aids with directional microphones and digital noise reduction have been created to correct this type of deficiencies. 

  • Do you have difficulties in following conversations with several people at the same time?

 Suppose you are in a meeting with several people and you find that you can not follow the thread when two or more people talk at the same time. In these cases, it is convenient to rule out that it is due to hearing impairment. 

  • Do not you listen well to children and women?

Women and children speak at high frequencies, and it is possible to have difficulties in listening to them in case of hearing loss in these frequencies, a fairly common problem. With an audit and evaluation we can detect in which frequencies we present the hearing loss.

The best way we have to know if we have lost hearing, is to go to a specialist who makes an assessment of our hearing . This will allow us to remedy it early, something that will prevent suffering from other disorders derived from this problem. Hearing is the important way of entering information into our brain. If we do not take care of it and suffer from certain deafness, we lose a lot of information about the environment, something that can cause certain cognitive deterioration, especially in older people. If you have health insurance, you can choose the doctor and the time that best suits you. And if you do not have it, we advise you to take into account these three tips: see opinions on medical insurance , coverage and prices . Compare and then decide which one suits you best. And enjoy taking care of your health.

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